FCC Allocates Spectrum for Wireless Medical Devices

A professional with decades of experience in the medical device industry, Randall Fincke works as owner of Advent Medical Products, a designer of wireless telemedicine products and defibrillators. Randall Fincke oversees the development of Advent’s lightweight, mobile and wireless medical devices coupled with innovative software and technology to improve clinical care and outcomes in healthcare organizations.

In 2012, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided to allot 40 megahertz of the broadband spectrum specifically for use with health care technologies that operate wirelessly. The FCC acted to preserve this spectrum so such medical devices might work without life-threatening interference from other local electronic sources. The ruling means that hospitals and other providers can use wireless products without worrying about the risks posed by outside signals.

Wireless medical devices can yield a variety of benefits for patients. For instance, doctors and clinicians could attach a variety of monitors to provide better monitoring and tracking of important patient data. Further, patients could go about their day wearing sensors that record key medical data ranging from blood glucose levels to temperature. The data could then be transmitted, processed, and stored in medical records for later use by health care providers, who may rely on such information to enhance treatment outcomes.

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